In modern times laptops along with computers have gone on to become popular. In our day to day life, they are of a lot of help. Through the internet, you can obtain a lot of information about them. Via the medium of chat, you can establish communication with them. Through your DVD or CD player, they prove to be a source of entertainment. To eradicate your feeling of boredom installation of games has also taken place in them.  Choose a .

With a computer or a laptop, there appears to be an accessory known as a mouse. It is a form of a pointing device. With a scroll wheel, there would be a right or a left button. For the matter of fact, the scroll wheel acts as a third button. The mouse can be wireless or a simple one. With the former, you establish a connection with the laptop or the computer for it to function properly. In the case of a wireless mouse, there does not need any form of connection. Before it functions you might have to install it. One thing for sure it would be very easy to use a wireless mouse as you just need to connect it to the computer or a laptop. But just like any other electrical devices, there are also prone to major problems. The most common problem would be mouse not responding.

Now how to figure out that there appears to be a problem with the mouse not responding? When a wireless mouse does not respond you can figure it out with the help of the below signs

  • The movement of a mouse would be static. It means that no particular pointing of the object would take place
  • Even if you move the mouse no reaction of the pointer takes place
  • If you click a button on the mouse no reaction would be there
  • Microsoft Windows simply refuses to recognize the mouse

Now what are the main issues of such problems and how can we go on to solve them? Let us go through some of the data by which a mouse does not respond

  • Low batteries- For a wireless mouse, you might need a set of batteries to function. If depletion of the batteries takes place, it would not be able to function anymore. To ensure continuity of the mouse use change the batteries
  • With the wireless mouse, there does come a receiver. If you establish a connection with a USB port and still it does not go on to respond to the mouse will not function. Check out using another USB port and figure out whether it works or not
  • The region between a mouse and the receiver has to be clear. No form of electronic objects needs to be there in between the two. If the presence of such an object exists it can cause a lot of mouse problem
  • The past versions of software could cause problems with the new ones. It would be better to remove it.